Links: Friends of PaperRobots1999 - The best way to store, search, sort, and share your photos online. - Tomohiro Yasui´s expansive network of Japanese paper robot wrestling! Complete with videos and current rankings!

 dlfortyfour´s Flickr Gallery - Photos of actual props, toys, and fan replicas of Han Solo´s blaster from the original Star Wars movies.

 The Blaster Builders Club - A forum and resource for building your own replica Star Wars blasters.

 Sinclair Engineering - An archive of excellent blueprint files.

 U.S. Patent Office Database - Search millions of historical and modern day patents, and find a goldmine of incredible patent artwork.

 I Am Kritch - Cardboard robots as art.

 Mike Beversluis´ Blog - The daily musings of a Government Scientist.

The year is 1999. The millennium is almost upon us. Y2K lurks around every corner, threatening to take over our computers and destroy all our technology. And when it does, paper robots will rule the earth.


  Model 01: Blank Robot
  Model 02: Birdman
  Model 03: Magnus Style Prime
  Model 04: Optimus Prime
  Model 05: Ash
  Model 06: Blue Steel 1999
  Model 07: Spider-Man
  Model 08: Black Spider-Man
  Model 09: Jetfire
  Model 10: Megatron
  Model 11: The Bride


Print, Punch, Cut, Glue, String, and Enjoy!

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