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2015 Useful Apps

When it comes to our smartphones, we certainly can’t live without them. We depend on them for a number of different things, including taking photos, keeping in touch with friends and family, and ensuring that all work deadlines are met.It seems these days there’s an app for just about everything under the sun. And while some apps are definitely worth your time, and sometimes money, some apps may not make the cut. This article will give you an overview of what apps may be worth your while to help improve your smartphone, making you depend on it more than ever.

Sports Gaming Apps

http://bettingapp.com/ a site which provides statistical data, up to date information about the industry and listings of several gaming companies that are currently hiring.  The site itself also ranks apps which are related to online sports and conventional sports with a lean towards Australian sports such as Rugby and Cricket.

Camera + for iOS

This app allows you to set the exposure separately from the focus, allowing you to control how dark or light your shots turn out. You can also use the app’s stabilizer to steady your iPhone to turn out sharper, clearer photos. This app also provides a timer to take high-quality self-portraits.

Camera FV-5 for Android

With the Camera FV-5 app, you can utilize the apps built-in intervalometer to make time-lapses and time-controlled photo series. This app also has long exposure support, allowing you to take beautiful night-time photos.


This app frees up your time and helps you save money by tracking price reductions on things you’re currently searching for online. No more spending hour surfing the web for the lowest price. This app will send you price alerts when the price drops.

My Fitness Pal

This app is probably the most popular app around when it comes to fitness. It counts calories and it keeps track of your goals. It’s simple to use, simply scan the packages of the food you’ve consumed each day. This app is pretty much what its name suggests: A best fitness friend.


Moodnotes is an app that allows you to keep track of your moods. It prompts you to explain how you are feeling and what exactly triggers your low moments. Not only will it help you keep track, it will give you tips on how to avoid thinking traps.

Sleep better with Runtastic

This iOS and Android app can be installed on your smartphone and kept at your bedside to help track your time of the night habits. It can measure your sleeping patterns, and it has a built in alarm that will wake you at the best time within your cycle.

Baby Monitor

That feeling of leaving your baby for the first time is one that no app can make better. But the Baby Monitor app can allow you to still check in with your little one while you’re enjoying a night out on the town.


This iOS app is a virtual dating app with a twist. Users can browse and swipe right like Tinder. One of the things that makes this app fun to use is that to stay connected, users have to chat within 24 hours of connection or it disappears. This app can easily be compared to speed dating.


This “read it later” app lets users collect articles from different sources throughout their day. Users can save them and read them whenever they choose to.


This popular app is built around project management, and allows users to take advantage of cards and boards to divide tasks, and break down projects between co-workers. It’s a great app that lets you make quick additions and edits from the comfort of your phone.

SwiftKey Keyboard

When it comes to your smartphones default keyboard, there really isn’t much to brag about. But the SwiftKey Keyboard changes all of that with it’s ability to learn your writing style. It offers more accurate auto-corrections, a range of different Emojis, themes and translations to choose from.


Cloud storage is the next big thing, and Dropbox knows this. Dropbox makes for an excellent alternative to storing music, document and photos. Now you can save space on your phone by taking advantage of Dropbox and it’s features.

There are a variety of mobile apps made for smartphones that can make your life easier. Saving money, keeping organized and even keeping a watchful eye on baby are just a few of the many things technology has brought us.