Building Instructions:

STEP 1: Print. Designed to fit on standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper and to be printed with any printer. Best if printed at 8 x 10 inches, but can be printed at any size larger or smaller! If you have it, a thick matte paper works best for extra sturdiness.

STEP 2: Punch. Using an Awl or pointy pen, lay the printed page on a soft surface (such as the carpet) and poke out the marked holes. It is much easier to do it now than after the pieces are cut out.

STEP 3: Cut. Using your best pair of scissors and a steady hand, cut out all the limbs and shapes.

STEP 4: Glue. Fold the pieces along the designated fold lines and add a touch of glue to the white tab areas of each piece. It´s just paper, so you don´t need much glue and it dries quickly.

STEP 5: String. Cut some rubber bands (or wire or fishing line) and use them to string together the shoulders/chest/torso/neck, the legs/torso, the legs/calves, the calves/feet, the shoulders/arms, and the arms/forearms. Be sure to tie a knot on each end so it doesn´t slip through the holes you punched earlier. I prefer to use a bent staple as my sewing needle (it makes the threading go much faster). Finally, glue the head to the neck (or you could string this for extra articulation at the neck!).

STEP 6: Enjoy! Now take a photo of your paper creation and send it to us at!

 Jetfire Instructions Comming Soon!
 Optimus Prime with instructions
 Spider-Man with instructions
 Blue Steel 1999 with instructions
 Ash with instructions
 Ultra Magnus with instructions
 Birdman with instructions
 Blank Robot with instructions
The year is 1999. The millennium is almost upon us. Y2K lurks around every corner, threatening to take over our computers and destroy all our technology. And when it does, paper robots will rule the earth.


  Model 01: Blank Robot
  Model 02: Birdman
  Model 03: Magnus Style Prime
  Model 04: Optimus Prime
  Model 05: Ash
  Model 06: Blue Steel 1999
  Model 07: Spider-Man
  Model 08: Black Spider-Man
  Model 09: Jetfire
  Model 10: Megatron
  Model 11: The Bride


Print, Punch, Cut, Glue, String, and Enjoy!

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